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2055 Carolyn Sue Dr, Baton Rouge, La 70815
225-923-1985, Fax  225-923-3515

We Make It Work!

We provide a complete solution for your computing needs, including software, hardware, consulting services, and overall computer support.

BusinessWorks accounting software fills the gap between basic entry-level products and complex high-end systems. It's ideally suited for the small corporate market!

We provide complete hardware systems. Systems we assemble with ASUS motherboards, Intel CPUs, Western Digital and Seagate hard drives, and Viewsonic monitors.

We provide support for all PC-compatibles and printers. Application support for most business applications. Networking support for Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows and Windows Server.

You can rely on us—before and after the sale—to perform an accurate analysis of your business accounting needs, to give reliable advice, and to provide hardware and software support.