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Ready for the Year 2000?

While some accounting systems will have to be completely rewritten to accept dates beyond December 31, 1999, BusinessWorks accounting software is already year 2000 compliant.

BusinessWorks is Ready to Face the 21st Century
All versions of BusinessWorks use the same internal date-handling structure that is designed to be Y2K Compliant. They use a “windowed” two-digit year format. This means that within the century window of January 1, 1950, through December 31, 2049, any two-digit year less than 50 is considered to begin with “20” and any two-digit year greater than or equal to 50 is considered to begin with “19”. All versions of BusinessWorks also are designed to accurately determine and account for leap years.

BusinessWorks has been through an extensive testing program to verify that all parts of the most current version, BusinessWorks version 12.0, are Y2K compliant. All testing has verified version 12’s Y2K compliance.

Receive Peace of Mind—Upgrade to Version 12
While older versions of BusinessWorks are designed to be Y2K compliant, there are no plans to test them for Y2K compliance, nor to correct Y2K anomalies should any occur in those versions.

If you own BusinessWorks for Windows version 12.0, you can rest assured that your software has been designed to be Y2K compliant. If you own earlier versions of BusinessWorks, we suggest you upgrade to version 12.0 to give you the most protection from Y2K issues. Call us for more information on how to upgrade your version of BusinessWorks.